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WinMed HIS is a true graphical application. With the use of list boxes and spread sheet grids, the application runs in a native Windows environment.
The users has access to all information contained in the databases by utilizing any Open Data Base Connection compliant tool. The data dictionaries work with either ODBC or SQL applications. The recommended access method is any of the Microsoft Office products.

Patient Accounting  ADT  Medical Records  Order Communication  General Ledger  Accounts Payable

Payroll/Personnel  Materials Management  Assets Management  Agency Billing


Patient Accounting

Accounts Receivable with complete history of all patient information. The application has HIPAA access control and tracking. The application maintains complete information on financial data, DRG, APC and medical data in a single database. Automated patient receivable tracking with automated insurance tracking and collection. DRG grouping with interface to medical coding systems.


Admission - Discharge-Transfer

HIPPA Access Control                            Medicare Secondary Payor Screening                        Admission & Pre-Admits

Automatic Activation of Pre-Admits          Transfer Outpatient to Inpatient                                  Bed Board Inquiry

Admit of Observation to Room & Bed       Observation Patients Printed on Census                    Emergency Room Logs

Discharges to Other Facilities Logs            Operates 24/7


Medical Records

INDICES  Patient/ Doctor/Diagnosis       Operative Procedures                        Statistical Information:  Services/Doctor

ICD9CM Coding and Grouping               ICD10 Coding and Grouping               ICD9 coding to ICD10 codes 

 DRG Case Mix Reporting                      APC Grouping/Pricing                         AD hoc Reporting




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