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General Ledger

General Ledger Inquiry

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Inquiry for general ledger accounts will list the accounts by account number or by account description. The general ledger system is multi company. The inquiry screen displays the account description, account number, account type such as asset, the beginning balance, posted amount, and current balance. When the view button is selected the screen on the right will be displayed. This screen will show by period, the total amount for the period, budget amount, and statistical information which is optional. The user can select to view pending transactions, or posted transactions. The account information can be printed.


General Ledger Account Maintenance

G/L Account Maintenance  G/L Account Maintenance

Account Maintenance

Account maintenance is used to add, change, or delete a general ledger account, the description and account type (asset expense, and etc.). There is a field that one can select if statistical information will be used for this account and what type of statistical information will be kept. The display on the right is where one can review up to ten years of history information. The user can also update budget information for this screen. The general ledger system also allows development of budgets with Microsoft Excel and posting the budget to the database.


General Ledger Reporting

G/L Report Writer  G/L Report

G/L Reporting

The general ledger report writer allows users to generate custom financial statements. There are seven base report formats that can be used to custom produce the reports needed for the hospital. These reports are all parameter based and can be printed to a printer, generated to Microsoft Word or Excel.